About Us


Madenty.Net back to 2005, it’s one of investing companies which following to Ministry of Investment as one of Software houses and information technology industry.

With the volume expansion of activities and tasks and the growth and diversity of production and manufacture of systems and software to include most activities, whether commercial or industrial or service, so Madenty.Net has transformed into a company entity, technically more and more sophisticated view of the multiplicity of activities which are reflected in the list of products and customers, so this company owned the years  experience as a company and more than 10 years before Establishment of the company of experience in business development department in the Middle East, Gulf and North Africa.

And as always, Madenty.Net is keen to provide the most important target markets and sectors working with business applications, health, and education and specialized covering all activities, whether commercial, industrial or service.

The company has a team of engineers with specialized skills in the field of software and specialized accounting and management information and computer technology at the highest level of professionalism and scientific.