Arbah (ERP)

Is a totally integrated solution called Enterprise-wide Resource Planning [ERP]. ERP attempts to integrate suppliers and customers with the manufacturing environment of the organization. The essence of the product is the fundamental premise that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

The most important features of the systems

  • Multi-language: works in both Arabic and English
  • Companies and Branches: Infinity no. of different companies and branches for each one
  • Working with networks: working on all types of networks with the possibility of connecting branches with a main server in and outside the geographical area of the main server.
  • Multi-currencies: can work on more than one currency at the same time.
  • Multi-financial years: can work on more than one financial year at the same time.
  • Multi-financial periods: financial years could be divided into monthly-quarterly-semi-annually-annually periods.
  • Easy to use: doesn’t require a professional user to work on.
  • Saving data: can save all data of the previous financial periods to back to any time.
  • Safety and confidentiality: has a strong system for safety and information confidentiality hard to penetrate.
  • Users’ privileges: validities could be distributed to all users within the organizations each user according to his responsibilities and terms, so it defines responsibilities of each user.
  • Levels accounting directory: to 15 levels.
  • Cost centers: cost centers could be entered as a tree to measure costs and revenues of each cost center easily.
  • Budget: The system handle the budget of the company and the branches and can make a budget for each branch individually and can make a combined budget for all branches of the company at headquarter. System also can handle comparison, estimated and combined budget.
  • Financial Analysis: The systems makes recognized long and short terms financial analysis and form it as a report helps management to take financial decisions.
  • Central restrictions: The system makes center restriction automatically for each individual month without the user.
  • Accounting Control: The system allows making exchange and catch books inside with coding it and its documents automatically when entering them, which prevents any manipulation in these documents and with keeping codes of the canceled documents as an element of accounting control.
  • Early warning: Systems contain early warning for users’ errors which warn them to any logic error during entering.
  • Integration among systems: The system does accounting controls automatically for all financial events such as sales or purchases bills or its returns as well as for collection bills or any financial events in the group systems and migrate it to the public accounts which save time and effort, also the system could translate the sales and purchase movements into documents such as add and exchange automatically without human intervention, and thus, the process of full compatibility between systems data.
  • Policies of items costs: The system works on doing the international accounting standards on policies of the cost of items in stock such as average cost –FIFO-LIFO and they are international policies for items costs.
  • Sales prices: The system allows entering more than sell price of the item such as wholesale-Retail-consumer price.
  • Classification of items in stock: The system allows entering more than one tree standard with main classifications of items.
  • Items in stock: The system allows entering items and linking them to its main classification.
  • Expiry dates: The system handles items that have expiry dates and warn for them.
  • Minimum and maximum: The system handles the minimum of items re-ordering when they achieve the minimum as well as the maximum to prevent accumulation of items in stock which may expose it to damage and therefore may expose the entity to the loss.
  • Inventory events: The system contains on all inventory processes such as add-exchange-conversion-reservation-collecting-retailing.
  • Sales and purchases: It contains on a lot of effective advantages and linked closely to the rest financial system which leads to be integrated financial system in a form could save a lot of time and save operating cost and getting accurate data which support the financial events.
  • System Design: It has been designed by Oracle DEVELOPER.
  • Data bases: It works with ORACLE data bases.
  • Reports and Centrality of performance: Easiness and centrality of performance and large and variety of reports for decision makers.

There are a lot and a lot of the systems advantages

  • Provide working with Hijri or Gregorian calendar.
  • The system collects and organizes data and extracting reports and the detailed and combined budgets with the suit language for the user whether in Arabic or English.
  • Work with the most speared programs (word-excel) with easiness and flow of transmission of data and reports among.
  • Providing confidentiality and protection to data with the ability of prevent editing the switching movements from other programs to ensure