A set of programs that has been accurately designed to fit the variables in the medical work, and its professional management system and following up for the affairs of patients, doctors, surgeries, blood banks, pharmacies and sections.etc.. With our interest in transforming the medical hand work into professional automated systems, we have issued the system of Hospitals Management of Ebn Sina in different levels and sizes. Ebn Sina HMIS is an integrated system which enables the management staff to manage medical, financial and administrative parts. Ebn Sina is aiming to organizing work as to allow access patients’ data and follow-up their provided services in the best way then the decision makers can get full history and records for the patient.

The most important features of the systems

  • The system allows follow-up to the work inside the hospital in all stages, whether administrative or medical or financial.
  • Management and supervision of emergency operations and follow-up it accurately.
  • Management of reception from the beginning of receiving booking requests of patients, whether internal or by phone and linking between reception and the rest of the hospital sections because it’s the first beginning of the medical organizing process and follow-up to patients.
  • Outpatient management of all divisions and linking them to other sections and medical services.
  • Follow-up to patients’ affairs and medical reports in suites.
  • Management of medical labs and keep the entire medical tests of patients.
  • Management of X-Rays centers and keeps all the rays of patients.
  • Follow-up to ICU within the hospital in all departments and clinics starting with transferring the patient till leaving.
  • Supervision on the central pharmacy, stores and its conversions to the sub-pharmacies in clinics.
  • The system is flexible in use, integrative and inter depended between the systems.
  • Full compatibility between systems data and its sub-systems.
  • Precision the medical and administrative supervision.
  • Precision the cash flows of the economic treatment sections.
  • It helps to reduce the operational costs.
  • It has been designed by using Oracle DEVELOPER and works with ORACLE databases.
  • Speed, centralization and easiness of performance.
  • Large number and variety of reports and access decision-makers to them easily.
  • It helps to reduce the error rate in the administrative and executive decisions.
  • It helps to increase the concentration of the upper administration on the administrative work and decisions.
  • All reports could be printed or showed on monitor or saved in files.